We believe that a nourished planet nourishes us.

What we are trying to solve

Waste: Worldwide, 14 billion litres of wastewater contaminated with faeces are released into the environment each day, polluting water sources and destroying local ecology. (NRDC)

Soil: The degradation of soil is fuelling climate change. An estimated 3.2 billion people worldwide suffer from reducing food sources because of degraded soil and increasing climate instability. (GEF)

Water: By 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will live in areas plagued by water scarcity, with two-thirds of the world’s population living in water-stressed regions. (Unicef)

Local farmer tending his land in Tamil Nadu, India

Our Solution

Our toilets stop waste entering the environment and save millions of litres of water every year. Our ecosan units produce compost that our recipients can use to grow fruit and vegetables. Since 2005 we’ve advocated for using human waste as a regenerative resource.

We are in partnership with Cornell University (USA) and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (India), to pioneer new ways for our compost to be used and treated to heal soil and capture carbon, while improving food quality and quantity in local communities at the same time.


+ Slow down climate change
Renewing soil captures high levels of carbon and slows down climate change.

+ Remove waste from the environment
Our toilets and research programmes provide an accessible way for people to turn their waste into a valuable resource, rather than a toxic pollutant.

+ Less food scarcity and improved livelihoods
Improved soils increase crop yields.

+ Save water
Our toilets use little water, saving millions of litres a year.

+ Better health
Nutrient rich soils grow nutrient rich food.

"The Cycle built a toilet in our community. We are all much healthier now and able to work and save the money we were spending on medication. We also have big banana trees growing from the compost we make from our ecosan toilet."

Aadhya, Kumoodimoolai

Help us heal the planet

Our work with the planet ensures nourishment and security for everyone