Lasting Behaviour Change

Our projects are supported by multi-faceted behavioural change programmes. These programmes range from adopting hygiene practices, motivational training to ensure proper and long-lasting use of toilets, handwashing with soap and menstrual education. We engage entire schools, communities, leaders, teachers, parents, men, women, girls and boys for all our programmes in order to promote a full community mindset shift so that healthy WASH behaviours last.

Hand-washing is essential for good health – from COVID19 to dysentery – not washing your hands can easily affect your health and development. All our toilets are built with clean hand-washing facilities and our programmes ensure those facilities are used appropriately.

Our programmes have proven to be so engaging that many of our school children are now our WASH CHAMPIONS taking the informative games we play back home with them into their communities and helping to spread the word of good health!

Meet our WASH champions!!


”I play the handwashing game that The Cycle taught me with other children in my village! It’s not only super fun but it also teaches us all about staying healthy with clean hands. I also make sure my mum and dad wash their hands before cooking, eating and after going to the toilet.”


“Every day at school during reception I remind my classmates to wash their hands after using the toilet, and during lunch break I check with them again! I’m proud to be The Cycle’s WASH Champion because I know I’m helping to keep my friends healthy”